How do I submit a Dropbox assignment?

D2L Brightspace allows you to submit assignments to your instructor online. The instructor will then grade the assignment. The instructor may also provide feedback which you will be able to view. You will find folders in the Dropbox area to correspond with course assignments.

Submit/Upload an Assignment

  1. Click on Dropbox in the course navigation bar. Find the desired assignment and click on it to submit your work. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

  2. You will see your instructor’s description of the assignment here. Scroll down to Add a File. Here you can upload a file, record audio & video, and enter text. You can drag and drop your file(s) or click Upload to select your files. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

  3. After you have added files and other required , you must click on Submit. Once you have uploaded the assignment, it is immediately available to your instructor. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

  4. Wait until your file has uploaded completely and you see the File Upload Results page. Review these details to make sure everything looks correct. Depending on your settings, you may also get an email confirmation. You can also review you submission history. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


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