How to Connect to Wifi

 This document will assist you in connecting to Columbia College’s personal devices wireless network.

This network can be used by Students, Staff and Faculty using their Columbia College credentials to log in and authenticate their devices that will be using CC wireless.

You can also add devices off campus using the MyDevices portal (, so that when you’re here on the main campus, your device will connect immediately. Some devices, like game consoles will need to be added manually, which can be done by continuing this process or using the MyDevices portal.

If you have any issues at all, please contact us at the Solutions Center online at or by phone at (573) 875-4357(HELP)


STEP 1: Connect to CougarNet with the device you want to add.

SSID (Network Name): CougarNet

Password: cc1851cc

Once you’ve connected to the network, you’ll need to open a web browser and try to surf to a web page (using works just fine). You will be redirected to the CougarNet Portal automatically:

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Here you will put in only your username and password (do not include the or and press “Sign On”

Step 2: Read and Accept the AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy)

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Step 3: Device Registration.

Once you get to this screen, you have the option to immediately get online from your current device by selecting “No, Skip Registration” or you can add additional devices by selecting “Yes, Register Devices”.

If you choose “No, Skip Registration” then skip to Step 5, otherwise continue to Step 4.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Step 4: Register additional devices.

You can add your other wireless devices from this screen initially. You’ll need the physical address of the device (If you’re unsure how to find this, search for your device and manufacturer to see how to obtain that information) and you’ll need to give it a description. The description cannot have spaces or any punctuation.

Once you’ve filled out the Device ID and the Device Description, press “Save, Continue”.

*The manage devices field should show the device you’re connecting from right now; it may also show any other devices you might have added beforehand too. You can delete any device that you’ve already connected except for the device you’re using to connect to the portal at that time.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Step 5: Obtain Network Access by pressing “Continue”

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Step 6: Great Success!

You’ve now completed the CougarNet portal device registration and you should be redirected to whatever site you initially attempted to navigate to or you can close out of the CougarNet portal and enjoy your internet access.

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