myPortal - Login First Time Activation

First-time User Activation:

1. Navigate to

2. In the Authentication Information section, fill in the form.

a. Enter your College ID

Note: Your College ID is a seven-digit number that can be found on your student ID card, applicant acceptance letter, billing statement, or any official Columbia College documents. Be sure to include any leading zeros. If you are unable to locate your College ID#, you may call Office of the Registrar to obtain your ID. 573-875-7526 or toll-free 1-800-231-2391 x7526.

b. Enter your First Name

c. Enter your Last Name

d. Enter your Birthdate (YYYYMMDD) Note: Your birthdate format is Year, Month, Day. Do not enter any slashes or dashes

e. Click Next

f. Set up a Security Question

i) In the Question section, select a question form the New Question drop menu or check the box to make a custom question.

ii) In the Answer section. Enter the answer in New Answer and Confirm New Answer

g. Click Next

h. Enter and confirm a password.

Note: The password must be 8 characters or more, letters and numbers only with at least 2 letters and 2 numbers.

i. Click Finish

3. You will receive your Username and Email address.

4. Navigate to

5. Select "Login" in upper right hand of page

6. Enter your username and password




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