Cougarmail - Account Setup


Set up:  Cougarmail account


How to:

1.       Navigate to

2.        Log into CougarTrack with your username and password.

3.       In the middle of the page in the box titled Unread Messages, click Cougarmail.

4.       In the username field enter your CougarTrack Username. should already be populated.

5.       Enter your CougarTrack password (these two passwords will always be the same)

6.       Accept the Gmail disclaimer.

7.       You will be prompted to enter a recovery phone# or email address. You can click Done, to bypass this step.

          You will be routed to your Cougarmail inbox.


Cougarmail is a Gmail account. It is possible the first time you navigate to Cougarmail that you will be logged into your personal Gmail account.

If this is the case:

  1.       Click the picture icon at the top right of the page and select Sign Out.

  2.       Proceed with Steps 4-7 above

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