ePayments, eBills, and Payment Plans

Problem Description

Unable to set up a payment plan or make a payment online.

Problem Resolution

Try these to resolve your issue:

  • The software for ePayments, eBill, and Payment Plans is called Touchnet, which can be accessed in myPortal.  If you are having difficulty logging into myPortal, reactivate your myPortal account. 
  • If you are logged in to ePayment, but having trouble setting up payment plans, making a payment, or viewing your financial account, please contact the Center for Student Success at (573)875-7252.  Student Success can provide enrollment support regarding making a payment online, enrolling in a payment plan, registering for classes, requesting an itemized billing statement, requesting verification of payment, the refund process, and understanding past due balances.
  • If you can view the ePayments login screen, but not login, clear your cache and browser history.  The instructions below help to perform these functions.  


    Clearing browsing history:


    Internet Explorer (IE):

    1. In the upper right corner click the gear-shaped button

    2. Click Internet Options

    3. In the General tab in the Browsing History section, click the Delete... button.

    4. Check the boxes next to:

    Temporary Internet files and website files

    Cookies and website data


    Download History

    5. Click Delete button

    6. Click Apply button

    7. A yellow and white bar will display at the bottom of the page: Internet Explorer has finished deleting the selected browsing history, click OK button

    8. Close IE and start again.


    Mozilla Firefox:

    1. In the upper right corner click the bookshelf shaped button.

    2. Click History

    3. Click Clear Recent History...

    4. Click the drop menu Time range to clear: and select Everything

    5. Check the boxes next to:

    Browsing & Download History

    Form & Search History



    6. Click Clear Now button

    7. Close Firefox and start again.


    Google Chrome:

    1. In the upper right corner, click the triple dots button

    2. Click History

    3. Click History

    4. In the left column, click Clear browsing data

    5. Click the Basic Tab

    6. In the Time range drop menu, select All Time

    7. Check the boxes next to:

    Browsing history

    Cookies and other site data

    Cached images and files

    8. Click CLEAR BROWSING DATA button

    9. When it is complete you will be directed to the settings page.

    10. Close Google Chrome and start again.


    MS Edge:

    1. In the upper right corner, click the Star w/ dashes button.

    2. In the menu to the left click History

    3. At the top of the panel to the right, click Clear History

    4. In the Clear browsing data section, Check the boxes next to:

    Browsing history

    Cookies and saved website data

    Cached data and files

    Tabs I've set aside or recently closed

    Download History

    5. Click Clear button

    6. An All clear! Message will display beneath the Clear button.

    7. Close MS Edge and start again.



    1. In the bar across the display, click Safari

    2. Click Clear History and Website Data...

    3. In the Clear drop menu, select all history

    4. Click Clear History button

    5. Close Safari and start again



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