myPortal - Library - Unable to access Library

Problem Description:

When trying to access one of the Online Library Resources you receive an error message "Page Cannot Be Displayed".

Problem Resolution:

The Library resource is being accessed through a proxy server (think of this as a gateway) at Columbia College. Many employers, including the military, also employ a proxy server which usually acts as a content filter. Many of these filters are setup to block requests from a proxy servers.

1.  To resolve this issue, we recommend that you access the resource from a computer on another network that does not block proxy servers, or

2.  Contact the Library directly (800.231.2391 ext. 7381)

Note:  Alumni cannot access Library database from off campus due to database contracts, however can use the databases at the Main campus library or Main campus computer lab. Alumni not located near Main campus may use their local campus lab computers to access the College Library system.


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Tue 12/21/21 3:17 PM
Fri 1/13/23 12:34 PM