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Columbia College launched a new mass notification  system called, "Livesafe"  This system is specifically used to send emergency notifications of any event or situation that may present a danger to the campus community.

It is capable of delivering notifications to Columbia College email addresses, mobile phones and through the campus phone system. 


How to:

The phone numbers and email addresses of all students, faculty and staff are automatically uploaded to the CC Cougar Alert system.

To update your number or ensure your phone number is correct, please take the following steps:

1. Login to myPortal

2. In the top search bar, search My Profile and select the first option.

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3. Scroll to Phone Numbers 

4. Edit or add a phone number, be sure the phone number type is Cell Phone

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5. Click Add or Update Phone.

6. Scroll to the top of the page and click Confirm in the blue banner

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This will update the mobile number in the Colleague/Datatel database

The phone numbers will be uploaded to Alert systems on Fridays. If there is an alert before the Friday upload, you will not receive an alert.

To opt-out of campus alerts, reply to the text with STOP or text 67283 with STOP. Only messages containing emergency information will be sent via the CC Cougar Alerts system.

If you are having any trouble updating your phone number, please submit a guest ticket through or give us a call at 573-875-4357 so we can help you further, thank you.


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