Peripherals - Network Printers - Printing Issues and Clear Print Queue

Problem Description:

Customer is experiencing issues with printing to a printer. Or they ask to clear a print queue.

If it is a Ricoh Multi-Function device with errors, See Ricoh below.

Problem Resolution:

Troubleshoot printer issues before escalating:

  • Simply restarting the computer may help.
  • Check that basic supplies are full. (paper/toner)
  • Switch the power on and off on the printer.
  • Check that the printer is the default printer.
  •  Note or get screenshots of any errors when printing.

Before escalation, get the Printer Name.

Click Start > Settings > Devices Get the full name of the printer having issues (BUH_HPLJ_M603_RM106_01)

Escalating Printer Issues:

This can get a little tricky so please IM SC if you are unsure.

End User Support > Team:

Printer installation 

Mapping printers (Connecting printer in Windows)

Paper jams

Printing Errors

Local desktop printer issues

Local desktop scanners

HP printer issues

ID Card printers

Network Services > NetworkServicesTasks:

Scanning to email

Scanning to file (network folder)


Clearing print queue

MIPS (Mail, Imaging and Print Services):

            *** Sharp multi-function printers ***

Email customer Sharp Issue quick description and refer them to the email address in the description, Resolve the ticket.

Departments order their own replacement toner cartridges through the Marketplace. The marketplace is in CougarTrack. Click the Web Systems Tab and select Marketplace (Purchasing)

Printer tickets are not High Pri’s unless it is the only printer available.

You can find more information here in the link below, or in Footprints tickets under Helpful Tools in the Category section. Tools file/Who does what.htm

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