myPortal - Assisted Registration Procedure


You have been advised to use Assisted Registration.

Assisted Registration is an alternative to registering through the Student Planner. Students are encouraged to use Student Planner,

but if they are not able to register through that method, they can use Assisted Registration. If there are errors or problems with Student

Planner they can use Assisted Registration.


How to:

First, go to the Student Planner to check for a shipping address.

1. Open Student Planner

2. In the upper right click the Username

3. Click User Profile

4. Scroll down to Addresses.

5. Be sure to have a Shipping Address in the address list. This is secondary to the primary/permanent address. Even if the shipping address is the same as the Permanent address, they will need to add it and choose Shipping Address as the address type.

6. Click Confirm in the the blue section above the contact information.

7. Return to the myPortal dashboard.

8. In the myPortal search bar, search "Assisted" and select the Assisted Registration tool.

9. The student will be asked to confirm the shipping address.

10. Fill in the form as appropriate.

11. Submit.

The student's advisor will reach out to them via Cougarmail when the class is registered.

Be aware, if they let the student know that the registration is complete, they will need to wait one overnight process cycle to access the courses.


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