Direct Access to IronPort Spam Quarantine

Problem Description:

Typically users receive emails from IronPort Spam Quarantine whenever they have undelivered spam. These emails are automated, so sometimes you will need to check the quarantine manually if there is a specific email you are expecting that has not yet arrived.

Problem Resolution:

IronPortSpam Firewall filters messages coming into Exchange. If you are expecting a message, but did not receive it, the first step is to check the IronPort Quarantine.

If you have not received the automated message from IronPort, but are expecting mail that did not arrive, you can access IronPort directly via the URL

Note: the https in the URL is mandatory. There is no redirect, so the address must be entered as https://

Users will need to use their entire email address as the username, and you will then be able to access and manage your spam quarantine


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Tue 2/8/22 3:08 PM
Thu 5/19/22 12:30 PM