Colleague - Login Issues


You are having trouble logging into Colleague


How to:

If the user is attempting to login for the first time, check if they are a student worker.

If the customer is a student worker, for security purposes they will be required to change the password. Help them with the reset their password and have them attempt to login.

If the customer is not a student worker, check if the customers password has expired. If not, attempt to run an Account Synchronization. If that still does not work explain all of your troubleshooting steps and assign the ticket to EIS > EISTasks

If the customer is trying to setup Single Sign on, follow the instruction below

1. The first time you attempt to access Colleague from within CougarTrack you will see the following page:

2. Click Modify your Single Sign-on credentials.

4. A CougarTrack page displays asking for your username and password.  Enter your CougarTrack username and password (twice), click Ok.

5. Colleague will open 

Each time you change your password, you will need to follow these steps to login to Colleague from within CougarTrack.


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