myPortal - ePayments - Setup Authorized Users to ePayment


A student wants to add an authorized user to his or her ePayment so that they can access the student's billing statements, 1098-T statement, and/or payment history.


How to:

1. The student should log into myPortal and select "Make a payment" in the Shortcuts section on the left hand side. Alternatively, search "payment" in the top search bar.

2. On the ePayment homepage, while on the My Account main tab, select Authorized Users.

3. The student will enter the email address for the authorized user and indicate the access they will have, then click Continue.

4. The student must read and agree to the Authorized User Agreement by checking the box. They can then print the agreement. Click Continue to move on.

5. An email is sent to the Authorized User containing login and viewing instructions.

6. Students may view currently authorized users using steps 1-3 above


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