ePayments - Authorized User Login / Unable to Login

Problem Description:

The customer is an Authorized Person on the student's ePayments account. Not the Student. They are not able to login to ePayments.

Problem Resolution:

This is for an authorized person to access ePayments.

1. Navigate to https://www.ccis.edu.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click Make a payment.

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3. They enter the email address that has been setup for their login **

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4. Enter the password.

5. Click Login

If the customer cannot login, or forgot the password.

1. Enter the email address

2. Click Forgot Password

A temporary password will be emailed to that address. The customer should be able to login with that temporary password. They will be prompted to change it at login.

** If the customer is not setup with any email address, they will need to speak with the student to get authorization to access ePayments. Let them know to have the student call us if they need assistance with setting up an authorized user. 


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Wed 2/9/22 2:59 PM
Mon 7/10/23 1:17 PM