myPortal - Preferred/Display Name Change


Display Name Change Procedure


How to:

1. Search "My Profile" in the myPortal Search bar. Select the first option, "Phone Number and/or Address Updates (My Profile)".

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2. Click the Edit Personal Identity button

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3. Enter a Chosen First Name, Preferred Pronouns, and Gender Identity

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4. Click Save

5. The updated Chosen First Name will be immediately displayed in Colleague and Self-Service.  D2L will be updated within a few hours.  Faculty and Staff updates in Outlook and Skype for Business will be reflected within a few days (due to software caching).  The update frequency for other systems will vary.  CougarMail display names are not currently being updated by this process.


Here’s a summary of the systems that are currently setup to accommodate a Chosen Name (by update frequency).  Additional system integrations will be updated over the next several months.  Requests for system updates can be directed at the ERP/SIS team.



Within a Few Hours

Within a Few Days

  • Colleague
  • Self-Service (e.g. Class Rosters)
  • WebFocus – Real Time Reports
  • Salesforce/TargetX
  • Mongoose SMS
  • D2L
  • Outlook and Skype of Business display name
  • Various other systems: < >CircleInMedicatWho’s NextWebFocus – Snap Shot Reports
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