D2L Brightspace: Discussion - Editing Thread/Reply Posts


Customer  cannot edit an original thread or reply in a discussion they had already posted.


How to:

To edit the original thread:

1. Select Discussions from the bar at the top of the course page. 

2. Scroll down to find the discussion post containing the thread you wish to edit.  Click the arrow next to it and then View Topic

3. In the topic page find the thread you wish to edit (NOTE: users can only edit their own threads that they have created) and click the arrow next to it, then click Edit Thread. 

4. You should now be able to edit the thread, if you are not able to or you do not see the option in the previous step please reach out to your instructor to confirm they allow posts to be edited. 


To edit a thread response:

1. Navigate to the discussion topic you wish to view by following steps 1 and 2 outlined above.  

2. Click the title of the discussion thread to view the entire thread and responses, scroll down to find your reply.  Click the arrow next to it and then click Edit Post from the window that appears.  

3. You can now edit the response and submit the edited response to the thread.  (NOTE: Users can only edit their own posts)



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