Testing Center & Proctored Exams


Reservations may be made online at https://www.ccis.edu/student-life/testing-services. After 4:30 pm on Friday; no changes or reschedules will be processed until the following Monday. Students may not show up to the testing center without a confirmed reservation, unless there is a weather emergency and the Testing Center plans for alternate testing plans. This will be communicated out to the registered students.  Please see below for frequently requested information.


Weekend testing support:

On weekends when the Testing Center is giving Online Proctored Exams, the Testing Center phone will be rolled over to the Solutions Center call center phone number, beginning at 5 p.m. on Fridays.  


You would like to confirm your test reservation(s):

An email confirmation is sent to each student who reserves an online exam. If you have not received a confirmation email, you may find additional information at https://www.ccis.edu/student-life/testing-services.  Main campus reservations may be found at https://www.registerblast.com/ccis/Exam/List


Location of the Testing Center:

The Testing Center is located in the Tenth Street Building located at 310 N 10th Street. A campus map is located at: https://columbiacougars.com/documents/2023/8/2/2020_Campus_Map.pdf.  Please note some Saturday exams may also be located in Buchanan Hall. Students may check their confirmation email for location.


You were told by the instructor to confirm we received the exam:

The Testing Center has access to all exams instructors post in the online dropbox. As long as the student has submitted a reservation to the Testing Center and has provided the correct proctor location to his/her instructor, the Testing Center will have the exam. 


You need to schedule a make-up exam after the scheduled proctor exams:

Make-up exams are typically held the Tuesday following exams, though can be scheduled as needed through the Testing Center with instructor approval. Makeup exams MUST follow this procedure:

An email from the student’s instructor must be sent directly to testingservices@ccis.edu containing the following information:

Student’s name, ID#, email address, phone number

Course name, number and section

Instructor’s name

Instructor’s approval that the student may test late

Makeup exams cannot be scheduled if approval is not provided in email by the instructor. 


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