myPortal - Staff Updating Phone Number in the Directory


Employee phone numbers reflected in the myPortal directory are sourced from the Columbia College Official phone number on your My Profile.  If your CC phone number changes, you can update it from your Profile in myPortal.


How to:

  1. Login to myPortal:
  2. Search My Profile in the myPortal search bar, and select the "Phone Number and/or Address Updates" tool - this will open your User Profile in Self-ServiceUploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  3. Scroll to the Phone Numbers section toward the bottom of your profile
    Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
    If you have a current Columbia College Official phone number defined, you can click the Update Phone Number icon Edit Icon to edit it.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
    1. 1.1) If you do not have a Columbia College Official phone number defined, you can click the Add New Phone button
  4. Under Phone Number, enter your full 10-digit Columbia College phone number.  This is the number that can be dialed externally to reach you.

    4.1) Under Extension, enter your four-digit extension.  This is your internal extension, and is what should be dialed from within the college to avoid incurring long-distance charges.

    4.2) Under Type, select Columbia College Official 
  5. Click the Add Phone button to save.  Your updated Columbia College Official phone number should now be available in the CougarTrack directory.

If you are having any troubles, please submit a guest ticket through or give us a call at 573-875-4357 so we can help you further, thank you.


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