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Proxy Access soft-launch is scheduled August, 2023.

Students may grant authorization to individuals, known as a “proxy”, through  Proxy access will give limited electronic access to some of the information contained in
the student's educational record.  If a student gives proxy access, that person will have the student's permission to view information on the student's Self-Service account. 

After the student establishes a proxy account for another individual in Self-Service "View/Add Proxy Access", the proxy user will receive emailed instructions to retrieve their username, setup a password, and login to Self-Service Proxy.   

Frequently Asked Questions:

I am a proxy for my student.  How do I log into Self-Service?

The Self-Service web address is  Your username was sent to your (proxy) email address on file shortly after proxy permission was granted. 

I have forgotten my proxy username and/or password, what should I do?

If you have been granted proxy permission to access to your student's account and you:

For additional assistance, you may also contact the Solutions Center

After I log in to Self-Service, how to I view the student's information?

You may change the proxy user by selecting the User Profile menu in the upper right hand corner.  Then select "Change Proxy User" to select the student and then view the student's account information.


More access is needed than just Self-Service.  How may a student give additional permission?

For other access (such as by phone/in person), a student must submit a Third Party Release Form.
To give an individual access to make a payment or view your billing statements, go to


What if I no longer want a proxy to have access?

To remove all access for the proxy, select Proxy Access, and under the “Profile” select View/Add Proxy Access.  Under "Active Proxies", select the pencil icon.   You will then be able to remove the check marks for the items to be made unavailable to the proxy or select "Remove all Access".  You have the option to remove access completely or adjust current access by individual items.


Can Columbia College staff make updates to what a proxy can view for a student? 

No.  College staff cannot change the permission settings for proxies. Only the student granting the proxy access can change the permissions that are granted.


A proxy used to be able to see the information, but now cannot.  What happened?

If the proxy can no longer see information, the proxy should contact the student.  Only a student can change a proxy's access.



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