Add a Proxy to Self-Service


Students may grant authorization to individual(s) to Self-Service, known as a "proxy". Proxy access will give limited electronic access to some of the information contained in the student's educational record (e.g., financial aid information, grades). If a student gives proxy access, that person will have your permission to access information on the Self-Service account only.

A student may grant access to:

  • Grades
  • Financial Aid information

By granting someone proxy access, the student is granting them access to the student record and waiving  privacy protection for the designated proxy individual.

Other similar permissions:  Students may grant other access, not related to online Self-Service, outlined below. 

  • To grant access for another person to discuss student information by phone, in writing, or in person, a student must submit a Third Party Release.
  • To grant access to make a payment or view a student account statement, a student must give access in ePayment.

How to:

1. From the home page in Self-Service (, click on the User Options tab along the left-hand side.

2. Clicking User Options will open a dropdown box.  Select “View/Add Proxy Access” 

3. On this screen, select an available Proxy user from the drop-down in the “Add a Proxy” section.  If you need to add a user, select “Add Another User”.


4. Enter all required data fields.

5. Select the areas that you would like the proxy to be able to view. 

6. Read the disclosure agreement.  If you would like to continue and authorize access, check the box and submit.    

7. If you need to change or delete proxy access you can click the pencil on the right to edit information. You may make changes or delete access completely. 

8.  The proxy will be sent emailed instructions for the next steps. A proxy user should check the email account provided by the student on the proxy form.

  • If the proxy is currently a student or employee, the proxy user will utilize their current login information at
  • If the proxy is not currently a student or employee, the email will provide instructions for how to:

Once setup and logged in, a proxy user may view their student's information.


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