Course Syllabus Location


A syllabus is a document that documents expectations, due dates, and responsibilities for a course.  This article will help you find a Syllabus for a course. 

How to Find

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Degrees
  3. Click Course schedules
  4. Select your campus and click on View schedules
  5. Click the Course term
  6. Locate the course
  7. Click the Course Title to open the syllabus
  8. You may be prompted to login with your Columbia College credentials.

 The syllabus should appear. The option to download/print the syllabus is available vai the blue button in the Course Description.

Note: This may be a general syllabus for the course and therefore may not have specific due dates. Check with the instructor if there are any concerns about the text books or assignment due dates.

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