VitalSource etext login not working


VitalSource etext Help for Students and Faculty taking CCG or Online courses.


Message posted in Brightspace Pulse and D2L: 

Attention students and instructors enrolled in CCG or Online (DE) courses for the Late Fall session (22FALL2), the first time you access your course's eText, you will be prompted to log into your VitalSource account. This account is one you created the first time you accessed an eText. You can reset your password if you don't remember it. If you are an existing student or instructor, please avoid creating a new account, as this will cause you to lose notes and highlights.

You may need to create an account if you are new to Columbia College eTexts. You must use your CC email to alleviate any future confusion and ensure you have access to courseware material.

VitalSource has a help page that you may reference for further information and tips.

If you continue to have problems with your VitalSource account, please email

Here is more information on how Columbia College handles eText:



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