Office 365 - Updating Authentication Methods

Office 365 – Update Authentication Methods

When you sign into any app or URL in the cloud that’s behind multifactor authentication (MFA), you’ll have to use an additional sign in method besides your password.  There are multiple ways to sign in, these directions are going to show you where to go to change any of those methods.

  • Start off by opening a web browser and going to
  • From there, you can view what Authentication methods you have.
    • You can use a phone number or the Microsoft Authenticator app and have both of those methods show up when you go to authenticate with MFA.
  • You can hit the “+” symbol labeled “Add sign-in method” to create another method to sign in.
  • It’s a good idea to have both an office phone number and personal phone number, in case you can’t use one or the other.


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