Microsoft 365 - Updating Authentication Methods


User wants to add or update an MFA method.
Note: They need to be able to access at least one of their MFA methods, as the site requires them to MFA before being allowed to change or add new methods.


How to:

When you sign into any app or URL in the cloud that’s behind multifactor authentication (MFA), you’ll have to use an additional sign in method along with your password.

These directions are going to show you where to go to change any of those methods.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in and MFA into the page
  3. You will be able to view the authentication methods listed already, as well as add, change, or delete any current methods.

We recommend having an office number or personal phone number in addition to the Microsoft Authenticator app so that if you ever change numbers or get a new phone you can still MFA in and update to a new number.

If you are currently unable to MFA into this application but need a method to be added or changed, reach out to the Solution Center.
We can escalate a ticket to Networking so they can allow sign in for you.

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