IronPort SPAM Filter - General Information

Problem Description:

IronPort is our SPAM filtering. Attached are detailed instructions and FAQ's about the system and how it works.

Problem Resolution:

As a reminder, Columbia College has transitioned from its current email spam filter, IronPort, to a new device called IronPort.  IronPort will work much like the IronPort spam filter. Spam filters help minimize spam received in your mailbox and filters out emails that contain viruses, but does requires your assistance to help identify what is legitimate email.  Certain email such as listserv emails, emails from vendors or outside addresses, etc. may be viewed as spam.  Follow the steps below to add items to your safelist (approved email list): 

In a web browser, go to and login using your CougarTrack username and password.  From the Spam Quarantine website (which you may also access by clicking View All Quarantined messages in the IronPort email notification sent daily) , you may:
• Release :  A one time choice to deliver the email message(s).
• Release and Add to Safelist : Delivers the message(s) to your Inbox and adds it to the Safelift (approved email list) for future reference. 
• Delete : deletes the email from the quarantined item

Additionally, you will receive a daily email around 3-4 pm CT alerting you to any email that is quarantined (or sitting in the Spam Quarantine spam filter) for your review.  You will be able to Release the email directly to your Inbox or access the website to take further action.

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