How to: Filling out Services Requests


This article will give an overview of requesting services at 

How to Access

Services may be accessed in the Service Catalog via the Services Tab. The search box allows quick access to specific service offerings.

Important: to view all services available to you, be sure to login

Overview of a Service

In most cases, each service description will include the following sections:

Service Details

This section includes is a summary of a service.  It may include typical use cases, features, and other information that may be important to you.


Additional information regarding eligibility to submit a request is in Eligibility section.  If a service is limited to a group of customers, permissions to view and submit the service request are limited to that group.  For example, a service that only faculty and staff would utilize is not viewable to students. 

Please note, most services require a login to submit a service request, however, a general request will be available for those without a login.

Get Help

The "Get Help" section has links to related documentation.

Example View

Below is an example view of a service form.  You may see additional fields depending on the service requested. 


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