OnBase account is locked


You are unable to access the OnBase Unity application and the application tells you that your credentials are incorrect or the account is locked.


Please check the following--these steps may resolve your login issue:

  1. Be sure that you connected to a Columbia College network or the VPN.
    • to check VPN connection, go to the Windows menu, then Cisco.  Select Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client or select your desktop menu in the bottom right (image below).


  • to check your network connection, you may search "Network" within Windows search/settings or select the Network icon to view your connection status (sample image below).


2. Try entering your password again, if you have not already done so. It may be a password entry issue.

3. Try completely closing OnBase and re-open OnBase using the instructions in the attached document.

If none of these resolve the issue, submit a ticket to the Help Desk. 

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Fri 6/3/22 3:37 PM
Thu 3/28/24 9:57 AM