myPortal - Password Expiration Date

The Password Expiration date is displayed in the Check Password Expiration tool in myPortal.
1. You can find this tool by searching for Check Password Expiration in the search bar.

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2. Once opening the correct tool this screen will tell you when your password is to expire.

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3. If your password is not yet expired but is getting close, you should go ahead and change your password while you are still in myPortal.
You can only do this if your password hasn't expired yet and you still know your current password.

4. Search for Password Manager in the myPortal search bar and you will be able to update the password to your myPortal account.

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After a password change, updates are made to myPortal through a nightly process.  After the nightly updates complete, the password expiration will display correctly in the Password Maintenance web part. 

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