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Password Maintenance:

Password maintenance includes the following options, available in CougarTrack.  If you have forgotten your password or username, select Reset Password.

  • Change my password - Update your current password to a new password
  • Change my security question and answer - Change your current security questions and answers.  These are utilized in the reset password process.
  • Password recovery preferences - Enter a personal email (Not your Columbia College email address) for password recovery.
  • Account synchronization - Synchronize all of your Columbia College login accounts with your existing password
  • Activate or Reactivate your account - Utilize this form for first-time activation and reactivation of your Columbia College account.
  • Check password expiration date - Your password has an expiration date which requires you to change your password on or before this date, or your services will be disabled.

Password Maintenance


Reset Password:

You may submit information to reset your password and obtain your username. 

Once you have completed the reset password process, you will be shown your username.  In order to authenticate, you must have your College ID number--this is a seven digit number that can be found on billing statement, grade card, pay stub, applicant letter, or your registration receipt. Please input leading zeros.

Your Columbia College ID number is protected by federal privacy laws and may not be given out over the phone. If you are unable to locate your Columbia College ID number, you may obtain it by going to the nearest Columbia College campus with a picture ID. Students who are unable to go to a Columbia College campus may contact Office of the Registrar at (573) 875-7526 or (800) 231-2391 ext. 7526 to have it mailed.

Reset Password


See Network Password Policy. In terms of password administration, the following list provides requirements for establishing and maintaining passwords:

  • Passwords shall be a minimum of eight characters in length.
  • Passwords will require a combination of at least two characters from two of the following categories:
  • Alphabetical letters (a-z or A-Z)
  • Digits (0-9)
  • Examples: passed12, pASSw0rd, pA12x4cc
  • Passwords should not include spaces.
  • Passwords shall be memorized and are not to be written down or stored by other means.
  • Passwords shall not be shared with anyone for any reason.  
  • Users need to change their password prior to the expiration date or they will be locked out of the above-mentioned areas.
  • Re-using previous passwords: new passwords must differ from the three previous passwords.
  • Notification reminders will be sent to users 14, seven, three, two and one day before the passwords expire.  

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