myPortal - Updating Personal Phone Number and Email


Steps to help you update your personal phone number and email address on file while signed into myPortal.
Your phone number and email address are listed in our system for identity purposes, email/text notification, and account recovery.

How to:

1. Navigate to your myPortal account

2.  Search "My Profile" and select the my Profile tool for Phone/Address Updates

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3. Select "+ Add New Address/Phone/Email to add an additional method to your account

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4. Select the Pencil icon to the right of a method to edit it

5. Select the X icon to the right of a method to delete it

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NOTE: Your main method for account recovery should be listed as "Permanent" for the type

6. Select Confirm once you have fully updated all information.

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If you run into any trouble please submit a ticket at or give us a call at 573-875-4357 so that we can better assist you with getting your information up to date.

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