myPortal & Cougar Mail - Adding Accounts

Switching Accounts in
myPortal & Cougarmail

In case you have multiple accounts, it may be due to having saved multiple Outlook/Azure emails or accounts on your device.
This could be because you have different emails associated with various schools, institutions, or workplaces.


Assuming that you are currently logged in, the first step would be to sign out of myPortal.
1. To log out, you can click the avatar icon located at the top right corner of your screen.
1.1) This action will trigger a drop-down menu, where you can find the option to log out towards the bottom. 

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2. To switch between accounts saved on your device or browser, click on the account that you want to log into.

2.1) Depending on the authentication process, you may be required to re-log in when toggling between accounts.

2.2) Occasionally, you may be able to sign into an account that you have recently logged into without entering your password again.

2.3) To add a new account, click on the option that says '+ Use another account' and enter the credentials for the account you want to add.

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Cougarmail (Gmail)
To access your Columbia College student email, make sure you're logged into myPortal.
This email will be available to you as a student and when you become an alumni. 

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1. You can use the Cougarmail widget in myPortal to access your emails.
If you haven't signed into Cougarmail before, clicking "See All Emails" may not take you to your student email.

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2. To add your Columbia College account to Gmail, click on the top-right icon
(this may not have the college logo if you haven't signed in yet).

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3. Here, you can switch between multiple saved accounts or add a new one to access both personal and school related.

If you are having any troubles, please submit a guest ticket through or give us a call at 573-875-4357 so we can help you further, thank you.

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