Outlook - Staff Adding and Switching Accounts


For staff members who have multiple Outlook exchange email addresses on their device and need to add the Columbia College account or toggle between their accounts.

How to:

Outlook Application

1. Navigate to the Outlook Application on your laptop or desktop

2. In the top left of the blue banner, select File.

To view other accounts you've signed into or added to your device, click the Microsoft Exchange drop-down in the Account Information section on the top left of your screen.

2) To add a new account, click '+ Add Account' and enter the required credentials to sign in to a different Outlook account.

If you've added multiple accounts to your device, the drop-down menu will show them as options.


Outlook Browser/Website

1) Click on the circle containing the initials of the assigned account located in the top right corner.

2) Once clicked, a drop-down menu will appear, displaying information about the current account as well as any additional accounts that have been added to the device

3) Sometimes, clicking on an account listed in the drop-down menu may not immediately switch your account.

In such cases, we recommend clicking on "Sign in with a different account".

This will take you to a new page, where you can select the desired account and complete the sign-in process, similar to myPortal or the Outlook application.

If you are having any troubles, please submit a guest ticket through help.ccis.edu or give us a call at 573-875-4357 so we can help you further, thank you.

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