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This is the process if you need to change your password because you have forgotten it or it has expired.

Student Account Passwords will not expire.

Staff and Faculty Passwords will expire every 90 days. You will get an email when your password is about to expire and another when you password does expire.


How to:

1) Use the following link to get to the password manager in Fischer IDM

2) You will be taken to a screen that looks like the following image. On this screen you must input the following.

     a. Legal First Name

     b. Legal Last Name

     c. Date of Birth (Follow the example on the screen or use the calendar to the right)

     d. College ID#

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3) Once this information has been input you will be prompted to input a pin that will be sent to your Personal Phone # or Personal Email that is on file. Please reference this KB article on how to update your personal phone or email if you ever need to update this information

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4) Once you put in the PIN you will be able to create your new password. Make sure to follow the rules for passwords that are listed on the right side of the screen. Once you have set your new password it can take a few minutes to fully sync your new password to your account. Once the password syncs (this can take 2-5 minutes) you will be able to sign into your account again with this new password.

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Should you run into any trouble with these steps, or your personal email or phone number are not up to date. Please contact the Solutions Center online at or by phone at (573) 875-4357(HELP) so that we can assist you.

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