Outlook - Unable to Share Calendar


You receive an error when you try to share their calendar in Outlook.


How to:

The customer will need to clean-up the permissions to their calendar. When people leave the college, the permissions for that former employee may still be in their calendar permissions list.

In Outlook:

1. Navigate to Calendars

2. Right-click on the calendar to share

3. Click Properties

4. Click the Permissions tab 

5. In the names list, locate people that are no longer with Columbia College

6. Highlight the name

7. Click Remove

8. Click OK.

9. Try sharing the calendar again.

If there is still an issue after these steps, please create a general help request and note the steps you took to try  resolving the issue.


Article ID: 3139
Wed 2/9/22 3:11 PM
Tue 5/17/22 3:16 PM