Microsoft Outlook - Saving Email as a File



User needing to save an email in Outlook as a file to their device.

How to:

There are several options for saving an email in Outlook, the instructions below show the most commonly used method.

1) Open Outlook

2) Select the email you'd like to save to your device

3) Select File

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

4) Select Save As

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

5) This should open your File Explorer, ensure you locate the proper file path you'd like the save the email to. (EX: Downloads)

6) Select Save in the bottom right

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Once you have saved the email to your device you can attach these files to other emails.

Note: The maximum attachment size in Outlook is 20MB for sending or receiving.

We recommend breaking up larger files into smaller ones if you need to mail more than 20MB, you can utilize the W Drive for temporary storage.

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