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Student Microsoft Office 365 Free Install

username with and myPortal password. NOTE: Your username should be NOT your CougarMail email (such as   Click Sign In.   This

Microsoft Office for Students

:// 2. Enter your CougarTrack username with and CougarTrack password. NOTE: Your username should be NOT your CougarMail email (such as yourusername

myPortal - ePayments, eBills, and Payment Plans

password ... Problem Description Unable to set up a payment plan or make a payment online. Problem Resolution Try these to resolve your issue: The software for ePayments, eBill, and Payment Plans is

Forward Cougarmail to another email address

You have access to CougarMail but would like to forward CougarMail to another email address. Problem Resolution After logging into CougarMail, 1. Click the settings icon (the gear) in the

Locked out of CougarMail login due to a lost phone or changed cell number

Introduction If you have two-step verification turned on for CougarMail and are locked out of your account, please contact the Solutions Center for assistance to regain access to your account

SharePoint - Login Issues

Overview You are having trouble logging into a SharePoint site   How to: First attempt using an InPrivate browsing window.   Google Chrome - New Incognito Window (CTRL + SHIFT + N

My Portal – No Active Program Error (My Progress, Graduation Application, or Commencement Ceremony Application)

Overview Customer is receiving a "No active program" error or not seeing their program when trying to access their My Progress degree planning, Graduation Application, or Commencement Ceremony

Columbia College myPortal

Introduction What is the Columbia College myPortal? myPortal is your one-stop-shop connecting you with the systems, information, communities, and updates you’ll need to succeed at Columbia

SharePoint subscription issues

Known issue: Getting "no email address" when trying to subscribe to alerts on   How to fix: There is a scheduled task that runs around noon each day to find users in

General - Columbia College Cougar Alert System

Overview Columbia College launched a new mass notification  system called, "Livesafe"  This system is specifically used to send emergency notifications of any event or situation that may present a

Microsoft Account Login

How to: When logging in with a Microsoft account, be sure to format your login name as "

Outlook - Staff Adding and Switching Accounts

Switching Accounts Outlook In case you have multiple accounts, it may be due to having saved multiple Outlook emails on your device. is could be because you have different emails associated

Student Planner / myPortal - Display Name Change Procedure

Overview Display Name Change Procedure   How to: 1. Search "My Profile" in the myPortal Search bar. Select the first option, "Phone Number and/or Address Updates

myPortal - ePayments - Setup Authorized Users to ePayment

Overview A student wants to add an authorized user to his or her ePayment so that they can access the student's billing statements, 1098-T statement, and/or payment history.   How to: 1