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Zoom - Basic Account Creation

participants, and the meetings cannot be recorded. Steps Go to Click the Sign in button On the Columbia College login page, enter your Username and Password and click Login

Getting Started with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

) besides your password to access campus resources.  Leveraging MFA technologies helps protect you and the college should your password ever become compromised.  This article will help you setup and

SharePoint - Login Issues

ease login issues. Please verify that when logging in credentials, you are using your and the password you've created in my portal.  If that allowed you to login, clear the

Proxy Access FAQs

to retrieve their username, setup a password, and login to Self-Service Proxy.    Frequently Asked Questions: I am a proxy for my student.  How do I log into Self-Service? The Self

Student Support for Courses and D2L Brightspace

User Guide offers a series of tutorials on accessing and using the D2L Brightspace interface. Help with myPortal, Password, or CougarMail If you are having difficulties with the Columbia College website, myPortal, or CougarMail, please contact the CC Helpdesk or submit a Request.

How to set up Microsoft Outlook (Exchange Account) on a Mobile device

 applications. If you are experiencing trouble you will need to reach out to Microsoft or the Google help desk to receive further help.   iPhone: 1. Tap Settings 2. Tap Passwords & Accounts 3

CC Username - myPortal, Microsoft, Cougar Mail

a Gmail/Mail app. For all of these particular sign in methods, you will use the same password you have most recently set with Columbia College. If you receive a password error you will need to

How to access and sign into Directory

(Directory) until you see directory populate in the drop menu select the option to continue.  You will be prompt to sign into the directory. Sign in using just your user name and password you normally use

Add a Proxy to Self-Service

will provide instructions for how to: retrieve the username and temporary password to login to setup a password Once setup and logged in, a proxy user may view their student's information.

D2L - BrightSpace Pulse - Mobile App Download

will be prompted to login to with their account and Columbia College password, this login is the same as MyPortal    After logging in the  user's course information will populate

Microsoft 365 - Updating Authentication Methods

password. These directions are going to show you where to go to change any of those methods. Navigate to Log in and MFA into the page You will be able to view the

VitalSource etext login not working

eText, you will be prompted to log into your VitalSource account. This account is one you created the first time you accessed an eText. You can reset your password if you don't remember it. If you

Microsoft Office - Installation - Chromebook

click on the app to open it.   4. Sign in with your Office 365 account information (ex., and your myportal/Columbia College password). See Install and set up Office on an Android

How to Connect to Wifi

. SSID (Network Name): CougarNet Password: cc1851cc Once you’ve connected to the network, you’ll need to open a web browser and try to surf to a web page (using works just fine). You will

IronPort SPAM Filter - General Information

CougarTrack username and password.  From the Spam Quarantine website (which you may also access by clicking View All Quarantined messages in the IronPort email notification sent daily) , you may: • Release