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myPortal - Password Expiration Date

password ... The Password Expiration date is displayed in the Check Password Expiration tool in myPortal. 1. You can find this tool by searching for Check Password Expiration in the search bar.   2

myPortal - Login First Time Activation / Reactivation / Expired Password

password ... Overview You need to setup your myPortal account for the first time or have forgotten your username/password and cannot access myPortal.   How to: First-time User Activation: 1

myPortal - Staff and Student Account Synchronization

password ... Problem Description Are you able to log in to some applications, but not others within myPortal? This can also help when you can login to myPortal, but not Cougarmail with the same password. This

Colleague - Login Issues

password ... worker, for security purposes they will be required to change the password. Help them with the reset their password and have them attempt to login. If the customer is not a student worker, check

ePayments - Authorized User Login / Unable to Login

password ... login ** 4. Enter the password. 5. Click Login If the customer cannot login, or forgot the password. 1. Enter the email address 2. Click Forgot Password A temporary password will be

Name Changes myPortal and CougarMail

customer reactivate their account. They can either use the Reset Your Password option or First-time Users Activate Your Account link in the myPortal Login page After they reactivate they will get their

Device Checkout - HotSpot - How to Connect

 Connection Details to view the Wi-Fi Network Name and         Wi-Fi password. 4. On laptop or device:          A. Locate the Wifi Network Name in your Wireless list.          B. Enter Wi-Fi

How to setup Cougarmail on a mobile device

 Settings 2. Tap Passwords & Accounts 3. Under ACCOUNTS, tap Add Account 4. Tap Google 5. Enter the full Cougarmail address EX:, tap Next 6. Enter the Cougarmail

Set up CougarMail to work with Microsoft Outlook

: Enter Cougarmail Address Account type: IMAP Incoming mail server: Outgoing mail server (SMTP): Username: Full Cougarmail address Password: Current Cougarmail

OnBase account is locked

" within Windows search/settings or select the Network icon to view your connection status (sample image below).                     2. Try entering your password again, if you have not already

Cougarmail - Adding CougarMail to Outlook Client

(SMTP): f. Username: Full Cougarmail address g. Password: Current Cougarmail password h. Check Remember password (be aware if you change your password for CougarTrack it will

Forward CougarMail to another email account

Address c. Account type: IMAP d. Incoming mail server: e. Outgoing mail server (SMTP): f. Username: Full Cougarmail address g. Password: Current Cougarmail

Telecom - Voicemail Troubleshooting Link

followed by the #  key.    4.  When asked for password, enter your password followed by the #  key.    5.  Press 1 for new messages  OR  Press 3 to hear old messages, then, press 1 to hear saved messages.

Getting Started with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

) besides your password to access campus resources.  Leveraging MFA technologies helps protect you and the college should your password ever become compromised.  This article will help you setup and

myPortal - Student Unofficial and Unofficial Transcripts

side. Select the "Grades and Test Scores" dropdown. Select "Transcripts - Unofficial". Sign in with your username and password. This will give you the option to download your unofficial transcript!